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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Prayer for Today

Don't have anything to really post today but I ran across a prayer that reminded me of how much it can take to take care of others whether you are an officially recognized caregiver or life has unexpectedly required it of you.  I pray this prayer for myself and for all of you who are instruments of healing for other people. Much thanks to St. Francis of Assisi for the original and the anonymous author for the prayer below.

Lord God,
make me an instrument of Your healing:
when I am weak and in pain, help me to rest:
when I am anxious, help me to wait:
when I am fearful, help me to trust:
when I am lonely, help me to love:
when I place You apart from me,
help me to know You are near.

Healing God, grant me not so much to demand everything from myself as to let others help me:
nor to expect others to cure me as to do my own part toward getting better.
Grant me not so much to seek escape as to face myself and learn the depths of Your love.

For it is in being uncertain and not in control that we find true faith.
In knowing the limits of mind and body that we find wholeness of spirit,
And in passing through death that we find life that lasts forever.

Namaste, and Amen

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