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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be Blessed Today

The Beatitudes is one of the most beautiful pieces of the gospel.  And yet it lends it self to endless re-imagining.  I hope the following is a blessing to you.

Blessings and peace...


Blessed are those who are uncomfortably discontent with the injustice of this world for they can see the will of God for all of creation.

Blessed are those who seek to reconcile all of humanity with each other and with God, for they will hear God say, "My child!"

Blessed are those who sense their own need for reconciliation with God, for they will be privileged to walk through the gates of Heaven.

Blessed are those who suffer indignity and harm because of their relationship to God, for they will one day have the opportunity to laugh and be glad.

Blessed are the ones who grieve over personal and societal wrongs and the destruction it brings, for they will know the abiding presence of God's Spirit.

Blessed are those who forsake spitefulness and cruelty to adopt grace and love, for they will be shown the full extent of God's mercy.

Blessed are those who show strength of self-control in all things, for they will know the full joys of physical life now and eternal life forever.

Blessed are those whose core values are untainted by guile and self-centeredness, for they will one day stand face to face with their Creator.

Blessed are those who follow Christ and are rebuked and attacked for it, for they will one day enter a place where that is all there is, and it will be blessed.

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